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The fastest golf competition
and booking platform.
Golfmate connects golfers and professional coaches, makes it easier and blazing fast to schedule appointments,
organise or participate in competitions all from mobile devices at one’s own convenience.
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Learn from only the professionals

Find professional coaches in your local area.

Find professional coaches in your local area and choose smarter by reading coaches’ descriptions with photos and videos, as well as reviews from fellow golfers.

Simple and blazing fast

Time can be saved at least 80% compared with booking in a traditional way.

Steps for booking, scheduling, payments and participating in competitions are made unbelievably simple and blazing fast with this one stop app that does everything, which includes caddie services, golf travel, or even food delivery during the competition round.

Efficient and fun

Stay connected in a more efficient and fun way and we speak your language!

Stay connected in a more efficient and fun way by following your favorite coaches, sending practice videos for analysis and personalised advice, showing your support with tips, taking online lessons, or adding live stories to the app to share special moments.

Keep track of everything

We keep you updated with every important message.

Receive automated notifications of bookings, payments and competitions, and track your tee times, lessons and scores anytime from anywhere.

Features for golfers:

Best professional coaches in your local area. - Choose smarter via photos, videos and reviews from fellow golfers. - Follow your favorite coaches, see what’s new from them. - Send practice videos for analysis and personalised advice. - Show your support with tips.

Features for coaches:

Set your own lessons and schedule. - Make it a platform for self-marketing, build your personal brand, share photos and videos in stories. - Keep track of conversations and appointments anytime from anywheres. - Distance is no longer an issue. Book and manage online lessons for remote students.

Features for golf competitions

One stop app that does everything you need to organize a competition/event in a simple and flexible way. - Track pace of play with digital scorecards and live leaderboard. - Automatic competition management. - A quick and direct way to communicate to all registered players with autogenerated competition. - Save time, reduce costs, promote with live advertising, and receive simple onetime payments.

We hope to make golf more fun by using gamification, being business, sociable, independent, creative, introducing the game design logic.

Everything you need is made simple on this platform: searching and booking, quick payment, and getting help.