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Have no idea how to play golf? Don’t worry. You’ve already found the right place to learn this game from the beginning. Already been an experienced player? Even better! Let our PGA golf professionals help you to get stronger. Whether you are the former, the latter, or somewhere in between, our platform will bring you comprehensive improvement in golf skills such as swing, putting, bunkering, trackman analysis, and short game.

The most valuable asset you will find from our coaching is that we never apply the same method to every student. Our job is to assist you in discovering your own abilities and strong points, with which you will learn how to continue making progress on your own and finally achieve great results in golf game. Let us help you to have a better understanding of your swing and to find the best way to play on the course.

All of our lead instructors are PGA class “A” members. We also have great instructors for brand new beginners as well. From zero-experienced to seasoned players, no matter which range you fall into, there is always something for you. We have the passion and energy to make you the best golf player you can be!

Find a Golf Caddie

GOLFMATE provides you with the only intelligent prepaid caddie booking service in Australia. We have built cooperative relationships with the golf courses across Australia, which is constantly expanded. You can find a caddie via this platform for a golf package of any standard through online booking service or 24/7 booking line.

We offer multiple types of caddie and a year-round customized caddie service for you. As needed, we serve you with professional or part-time caddie services, as well as teen golf caddies who are learning this game during the work. All of our caddies have been well trained with the knowledge of overall yardage, pin placements, club selection, etc. We guarantee that they will be your pleasant and helpful companions.

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Golf Travel

Golf games in Australia can be traced back to over 180 years ago, which has always been an essential part of Australia’s lifestyle and culture. With more than 1,800 golf courses of great diversity, Australia holds great appeal to golf players across the whole world.

GOLFMATE provides customized arrangements and attentive services to ensure that your golf adventure here will be the most delightful and memorable experience in your life. Golf tour, accommodation, transportation will all be well arranged for you, a trip schedule with tips will be sent to your email box before leaving.

With all of Australia’s golf destinations to choose from, your whole trip will be planned and taken care of by us — city sightseeing, hotel check-ins, restaurant accommodations, and golf course visiting. When visiting and playing on a golf course, you will be accompanied by a PGA pro who will be not only your local friend but also your golf coach, providing professional guidance and help, and any information you require regarding playing golf in Australia.

We also provide services for self-drive, for which you will be provided with a rental car, maps, local guides, and the information of the golf courses and hotels along the route you choose.