Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Play Golf

Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Play Golf

While people play golf for enjoyment and as a form of exercise, there are many other reasons why everyone should consider playing golf. If you have been thinking about taking up this great game but just haven’t got around to it, the following reasons may get you booking a tee time before you know it!

Golf is Great Exercise
If you choose to walk during an 18-hole round of golf, you will end up walking about 8.5km. A regular round of golf will contribute to overall good health.

Better Health
Golf promotes good health. The exercise you undertake while playing golf contributes to bone strength and helps reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

Golf Reduces Stress
Golf is well known for relieving stress. The fresh air combined with the social interaction golf provides will help melt your worries away.

Meet New People
While people often organize to play with friends, there may be times when you’re the only one available to play. Most golf courses will pair up single players with another player or group so it’s an opportunity to meet new people and potentially make new friends.

Challenge Yourself
While most of the time you may be playing golf with other people, golf provides the challenge of beating your own score. Each time you take to the course is an opportunity to better your last round of golf.

Learn New Skills
Every golfer wants to improve their golf game. Whether you’re playing with friends that may give you some pointers or tips or whether you decide to take lessons to better your game, you’re sure to learn new skills and perfect your technique.

Build Character
Golf isn’t easy and at times it can be frustrating, but it gives you a chance to practice exercising patience. The more patient and less frustrated you are with your shots, the better your game.

Whole Family Activity
There’s no reason why you can’t try to get the family out on the golf course. Golf is for adults and kids so why not try to introduce the family to golf? Even if they’re not interested in playing, they can walk the course which is not only great form of exercise but encourages family time.

Improve Business Relationships

Many businesspeople play golf so it’s the perfect opportunity to socialise with work colleagues and clients. There may even be an opportunity to discuss business or network.

Golf provides a great opportunity to relax. There’s nothing better than being outdoors whether on your own or with friends. There’s no need to think about anything other than sinking the golf ball into the hole!

If you’ve been stalling on taking up golf maybe these reasons will get you booking that first round of golf!