Philip Baird – Golf Coach Sydney

Philip Baird – Golf Coach Sydney

Philip Baird
Manly Golf Club
(02) 9907 9553

Philip Baird, PGA Professional, joined Manly Golf Club in 2003 and is currently Director of Golf.

He holds deep knowledge of all facets of the game and also has great skills in business management and operation, with which he will help his students of all levels, even first-time golfers, to improve the game and reach their goals.

Philip Baird believes that “one of the keys to playing good golf is feeling confident”. With a passion for teaching golf, he will assist you in building deeper understanding of the game and gaining confidence during your learning and practice.

For more information about Philip Baird, please go visit…/golf-shop-and-services/, and you may easily book a lesson with him via GOLFMATE when our app is launched!