Junior Golf

Junior Golf

Golf has become a popular sport worldwide for men and women of all ages. Not surprisingly, over the last 10 years there has been an increase in the popularity and number of children playing golf.

There are many opportunities for children to get into golf with a lot of clubs offering junior coaching and Golf Australia’s introduction of the My Golf Program.

How do you get started?
Most public access golf courses can arrange private lessons for your child. Most golf courses don’t have a minimum age requirement as long as your child is old enough to follow instructions and handle a golf club. You may also choose to teach your child yourself.

Most clubs will also offer golf club hire for children, but you may find if your child is playing often and quite keen, it may be worth investing in a set.

My Golf
The My Golf program is Australia’s national junior golf program endorsed by Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia.

Implemented by PGA professionals and community instructors at facilities across Australia, My Golf aims to ensure children have a fun and safe introduction to golf.

Suited to boys and girls aged 5 to 12 years, there are three My Golf Levels:

  • – Rookie: Try golf (5 – 7 years)
  • – Star: Learn the skill (8 – 10 years)
  • – Master: Prepare to play (11 – 12 years)

The program instils the following philosophies:

  • – Fun: My Golf makes learning the game of golf fun and engaging.
  • – Life Skills: My Golf introduces skills that are not only applicable to the game of golf but life in general. Children focus on skills such as respect, sportsmanship and perseverance.
  • – Games: Using games as a means to learn and develop skills while having fun is an effective way for children to learn. My Golf encourages learning through fun, team- based inclusive games.
  • – Simplicity: My Golf enforces that golf is a simple and easy game to understand making it enjoyable consequently enabling the children to learn and develop new motor and life skills at their own pace.

The My Golf program is available at golf clubs throughout Australia.

Regardless of whether you teach your child to play golf yourself, enrol in lessons or the My Golf program, it’s important that children have fun while learning this great game. Who knows, your child may be the next Greg Norman or Tiger Woods!