What makes a great golf coach?

What makes a great golf coach?




So, you’ve decided you need some help with your golf game and want to hire a golf coach. There’s so many out there so how do you choose? Needless to say, you want the best coach you can get.


What makes a great golf coach?

There are many golf coaches around the world; many who have worked with professional golfers. But what makes a good golf coach and ultimately someone who can help you improve your game?


A golf coach of course needs to know how to play golf, but coaching isn’t just about knowing the game. On the most basic level, golf coaches should possess certain qualities, such as:



Golf coaches will encounter students of all abilities. Like a teacher in the classroom, a golf coach will need to be patient with those that are just beginning to learn how to play golf.



While a coach needs to know how to play golf, they also need to know how to teach. There are many training courses available for new coaches.


Good communication skills

A great coach needs to be able to communicate well. They need to be able to clearly explain and demonstrate what they would like their students to do.


The ability to listen to their students

While a coach is the teacher and will need to spend a great deal of time explaining certain techniques or elements of the game, it’s important that they take the time to listen as well. Any student especially a beginner will have questions or concerns and two-way communication is key when it comes to a student achieving their goals.


A willingness to keep learning

A golf coach will know how to play golf but it’s important that they keep their knowledge and skill set up to date. A great coach will continue to undertake coaching courses to upskill or read golfing publications to keep on top of current golf news and trends.


While these basic qualities are important so too are the following attributes.



It’s important that you and your golf coach get along. Like any relationship you need to enjoy being in each other’s company. While you are there to work on your golf game, it’s important that you enjoy your time with your coach. You will get more out of your lessons and be more willing to listen to their advice and feedback.



Time with your golf coach is about improving your game and should be the focus of your lessons. Your golf coach should ensure that your lessons maintain a degree of relevance to your skills. While it’s good for you to know what they have achieved and how well they play golf, this is not the purpose of your lessons. A golf coach who is more focussed on their own achievements is not the coach for you. Your golf coach should be determining where you are at with your game and breaking down techniques so you can learn them and improve.



A good coach will want to work with you to achieve your goals. They will pay attention to the areas you want to work on and guide you throughout. Depending on whether you are playing golf for fun or you are considering competing, a great coach will adapt their teaching style to suit your goals.


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