Club Fitting: Is It Really Necessary

Club Fitting: Is It Really Necessary

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It’s not rare to find amateur golfers not getting club fittings while trying to improve their games. There are normally two reasons: some think it’s not necessary; the others still wait for their game to get better before investing in a professional club fitting. The truth is getting fit for your clubs is necessary not just for professional golfers, and it’s definitely worth it even when you are still at the beginning level of the game.


What is club fitting?

To put it simply, club fitting is the process of building a set of clubs that perfectly matches your golf swing. When using off-the-rack golf clubs, golfers are required to adjust their golf swings in order to accommodate the clubs. Custom club fitting, on the opposite, creates a perfect set of clubs based on the characteristics of a player’s golf swing which optimizes his or her performance.

During this process, a trained club fitter will determine which club allows you to strike a ball closest to the center of the clubface consistently that maximizes your performance, while taking into consideration all design characteristics of a golf club, such as length, shaft material, loft and weight, and your swing patterns. Each golfer has his or her own unique golf swing, regarding which there are commonly two essential factors to consider: the centeredness of each strike on the face of the club and the dynamic face angle of the clubface at impact; these two factors together decide the result of the shot.

When the process is completed, this set of clubs are expected to match a golfer’s physical qualities, swing characteristics, and his or her own style of play, which supports the golfer’s game through the entire round and prepares for a perfect golf swing.

Why get fit for your clubs?

In short, the aim of club fitting is to find the right clubs to hit your shots. It will give you the confidence of making every shot and lowering your scores. You won’t be able to make your best golf swing until getting fit for your clubs.

Without a proper club fitting, it’s hard to reach a desired outcome for every shot you make on the course. However, it is said that more than half of golfers playing nowadays haven’t had a properly fit set of clubs, which keeps them from making the best golf swing even though they have already played to their best potential.

A custom club fitting is made to meet exactly your specifications, intended to maximize your performance while compensating for all your weaknesses.


How to get a club fitting?

Normally, the process of club fitting can last from half an hour (for a single club) up to three hours (for a full set). There are a few recommended ways of getting your clubs fit properly:

  • Visit big companies such as Titleist, which usually have their own club fitting facilities and PGA Professionals across the country that can help you with custom fitting;
  • Find a local PGA professional to get a club fitting;
  • Visit the club manufacturer’s headquarter especially when you already know what brands you’re looking to buy.

As said by a PGA Professional Tyrus York “By getting fit for your clubs, you can make the game easier”, the reason to get a club fitting is that simple!