Golf — When Tradition Meets Modern Technologies

Golf — When Tradition Meets Modern Technologies

Golf is a game that owns almost 600 years of history, the modern game originating in Scotland from the 15th century as is generally accepted. Nowadays golf has become one of the Top 10 most popular sports in the world which is played by people of all ages. We believe that the perfect match between its old tradition and the modern technologies plays a crucial role in keeping the old game appealing as usual in the age of technology.

Here are two main technologies that are commonly used by many players to improve the game.

Launch Monitor

Launch monitors were first invented by the US military in order to study missile technology. Later it was improved to be more portable and cheaper and started to be used by golf players when playing the game.

It is a small device which provides data on multiple aspects of what happens to a golf ball when it is hit by a club. It is commonly used by golfers either to improve the golf swing during daily practice or to assist with the custom club fitting when getting new clubs.

Any golfer who is serious about improving the game should consider using a launch monitor, not necessarily just for professional golfers. With the help of a launch monitor, a player is able to get a clearer image of the ball flight which will assist him or her in how to control the ball and improve the golf swing.

There are two types of launch monitors: doppler launch monitors and photometric launch monitors. The former uses doppler radar technology, measuring ball flight data by tracking the ball and project club data, such as TrackMan; while the latter system uses camera technology which, the other way around, measures club data and project ball flight data.

TrackMan 4 Launch Monitor. Source:

With a launch monitor, a player is able to track smash factor, spin rate, launch angle, carry distance, ball speed, club speed, dynamic loft, attach angle, club path and face angle.

Motion Capture System

Motion capture is a tool used to receive accurate data on how the body moves when a player is making a golf swing. It combines views of several cameras to track the 3D movement of markers placed on the player’s body and the club, which helps the player and the golf coach to understand better the movement and how to improve the golf swing.

There are three types of motion caption systems:

Inertial Sensor: it is the most common type, which can build an accurate representation of the body’s movement such as bend, rotation and velocity.

Electromagnetic System: the strength of this type is the high level of precision and accuracy by measuring six degrees of freedom (6DoF) worth of data.

Optical System: it uses high-speed cameras to cover different angles of the player to reach a full capture, which is regarded widely as the most accurate movement capture method.

MySwing 3D System. Source:

Besides above, there are also some other modern technologies that are currently used by players when playing golf, such as GPS devices and all sorts of software from golf simulators to smartphone apps, all making it more convenient and even more fun for people to play the game. These modern technologies applied in golf playing are all about how to let you improve the game and achieve your best golf swing.