Good News for Australia Golf Facilities: Here is Your Chance to Win a $250 Grant!

Good News for Australia Golf Facilities: Here is Your Chance to Win a $250 Grant!

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Get Into Golf is a brand new program that Golf Australia recently launched across the nation. In their latest news regarding the program, Golf Australia is adding a $250 marketing fund to this program which is intended to assist local clubs and facilities with the promotion of their Get Into Golf programs.

What is Get Into Golf?

It is a program from Golf Australia looking to bring new golfers into the game and to local clubs and facilities by introducing the game to people who are interested in golf and encouraging them to take the first step. It creates an entry point to the game for beginner golfers, making the game easy to understand and comfortable to participate in. Golf Australia aims to keep the sports strong by bringing new participants into golf and supporting local facilities with the Get Into Golf program.

Programs normally have a session per week, each session lasting between 45 and 60 minutes depending on the facility, and are commonly run in small groups with a focus on providing participants with ample opportunities to explore the game learning the golf swing and helping them gain confidence before setting foot on the golf course.

The Get Into Golf Program from Golf Australia. Source:

What are the key focus points of the program?

According to Golf Australia, the program covers several focus points based on what participants consider should be included in a beginner golf program:

  • Keeping it social
  • Getting familiar with the golf course
  • Learning through doing
  • Feeling challenged but comfortable
  • Participant focused

So no matter you are familiar with the game or a total beginner, Get Into Golf is a great place to start with. Besides, it provides plenty of choice to you with different program types:

You can find a Get Into Golf program near you here:

Now we will talk about how to get access to the $250 grant!

Golf Australia sets the 2020/21 Get Into Golf facility marketing fund to help local golf facilities promote their Get Into Golf programs with the grants. To get access to the grant, the facility needs to

  1. become a Get Into Golf centre, which can be started by visiting;
  2. upload a program (only first 60 facilities that activate a program online will be awarded with a $250 grant), more details can be found in the info sheet:;
  3. use the grant to help with protomtion (the grant is required to use only to support the Get Into Golf program).

Even though some of the facilities may not be qualified to get the grant this time, it is still worth it to become a Get Into Golf registered centre. The several reasons include:

  1. It will help the facility gain exposure to new customers;
  2. The program can be added online simply which allows participants to find it with ease and to pay directly online;
  3. The registered centre will benefit from Golf Australia’s year-round national marketing campaigns, which will help generate high levels of traffic and promote your programs;
  4. The facility can get access to not only comprehensive centre resource but also Get Into Golf branded marketing tools for your target audiences;
  5. It will help increase revenue of facilities and PGA members;
  6. All the registered centres will benefit from the support and insurance policy from Golf Australia.

On top of this, this program offers great flexibility for clubs and facilities to tailor the program according to their own needs. Interested to give it a try? More information can be found here in the Centre Manual: