Improve your Game Anywhere, Anytime

Improve your Game Anywhere, Anytime

With Covid restrictions taking a hit on sports world wide we have seen many of our golfers progress stunned by restrictions. At times like this you may need to revert to practicing your golf game at home. Here are some tips and drills to see you get ahead from the rest during covid. 
Work on your overall health, fitness and flexibility 

Improving your overall health, fitness and flexibility at home is going to help your golf in a few ways. Being able to work on your posture, balance, speed and overall range will allow you to swing the club with more flexibility as well as add a few extra yards to your drives. 

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Practice in the Mirror
It’s always a good idea to take it back to the basic fundamentals. Here are a few drills you can do in front of your mirror.
Your Grip:
Up to 90% of bad swings are due to a poor set up. By practicing your grip in front of the mirror this will ensure that your hands are exactly where they need to be. Take some time to analyse your grip in the mirror until it becomes natural to you.

Your Posture:
By standing in front of a mirror you will be able to analyse your posture and adjust the angle of your spine, bend your knees back. This is important to know exactly what your posture looks like on your swings.
Mental Practice
You will find that most PGA professionals also have a mind coach and there are various exercises that they use to play at their best on the course
Imagery: The first exercise is to visualize your swing. Imagine what the perfect swing would look like and how it would feel. The mind is a very powerful tool and often visualising you swing can help create a better performance on the course
Course Management: If you have played on the same course several times it’s always a good idea to go over the perfect round in your mind before teeing off. Stopping to think about where you want your shot to land and highlight where the danger points in the course are can make all the difference. It’s also important to know which clubs to use where.  (You can find a guide on which clubs to use where on the course here)
Virtual Lessons 
In an ever changing world there are always new ways to have lessons. Through Apps such as Golfmate you now have the flexibility to do lessons face-to-face or online. You are able to chat with your coach as well as send videos for analysis. 
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